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PowderFlow Butterfly Valve

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PowderFlow Butterfly Valve

Young Industries offers the PowderFlow Butterfly Valve specifically designed for use in dry powder handling applications. The Patented valve utilizes a disc lined with TransFlow® fluidization media. The TransFlow® disc fluidizes and conditions even the most cohesive powders.





Application Information

The PowderFlow Butterfly valve is designed to enhance powder flow not to obstruct it. The disc of the valve is lined on both sides with TransFlow® fluidization media. The TransFlow® disc fluidizes and conditions the powder so that it will flow through the valve easily. The most effective area to begin fluidizing and condition powders for repeatable flow from hoppers is the lowest point of the hopper. The lowest point on any hopper is the valve attached to its discharge connection. With the PowderFlow Butterfly Valve the fluidization and conditioning process starts in the valve itself. This is the lowest point and best location to start the fluidization and conditioning of the powder m the process vessel above.

SilentFlow® Bin Dischargers can be furnished as part of the bin or silo and can be supplied for new or existing storage vessels. Cone angles of 60°, 45°, 30°, as well as special designs, can be supplied to match your requirements.

Standard Features
  • Cast Iron Body
  • Lug or Wafer style body
  • Install between 150 lb. flanges
  • ISO 5211 square drive shaft for easy automation
  • Graphite reinforced PTFE stem bushings for long service life
  • Replaceable cartridge style seat
  • Manual hand lever operator with locking arm/plate
  • Rotary Pneumatic actuators
  • Buna N seat material for temperature up to 175 degrees F
Options & Accessories
  • 300 Stainless Steel Body
  • Many types of seats available
  • Materials for operating temperatures up to 300 degrees F
  • Pneumatic positioners for controlling position of disc
  • Electric actuators
  • Control systems as needed for fluidizing and conditioning from the PowderFlow disc
younginds powderflow butterfly valve

Media & Case Studies

TEST: Iron Oxide with TransFlow®

Young Industries TransFlow® powder fluidization hopper is used to easily discharge fine iron oxide powder.

WarningSome machines in this section are shown with guards or covers removed for the purpose of illustration. Machines must not be operated with guards, covers, or other protective devices removed or disabled.

INTRO: TransFlow® Technology

Young Industries offers TransFlow® Powder Fluidization for hoppers, bins and most any place the fine powder can build-up. This video discusses the design and application of TransFlow® powder fluidization.

DEMO: TransFlow® Aeration Pads

A poorly designed pyramid hopper is fitted with TransFlow® Powder fluidization Pads demonstrating the effect fluidization has on the fine powder.

DEMO: TransFlow® Test Hopper

Young Industries has a TransFlow® powder fluidization hopper available for in-plant testing of fine powders. This video show how the hopper is assembled and demonstrates how it works to discharge fine powders.

SafetyFlow® Grate Fluidizes Powders

Protection of operators is essential. The SafetyFlow Grating fluidizes powder to flow through the grating with bars spaced so the operator cannot get hands into operating equipment.

INTRO: PowderFlow® Butterfly Valve

Demonstration of Young Industries PowderFlow Butterfly Valve and how the Patented Fluidization disc conditions fine powders to flow easily.